• The concept of key range and key-size are related to each other. Key Range is total number of keys from smallest to largest available key. An attacker usually is armed with the knowledge of the cryptographic algorithm and the encrypted message, so only the actual key value remains the challenge for the attacker.
• If the key is found, the attacker can get original plaintext message. In the brute force attack, every possible key in the key-range is tried, until we get the right key.
• In the best case, the right key is found in the first attempt, in the worst case, the key is found in the last attempt. On an average, the right key is found after trying half of the possible keys in the key-range. Therefore by expanding the key range to a large extent, longer it will take for an attacker to find the key using brute-force attack.
• The concept of key range leads to the principle of key size. The strength of a cryptographic key is measured with the key size
• Key size is measured in bits and is represented using binary number system. Thus if the key range from 0 to 8, then the key size is 3 bits or in other words we can say if the size is bits then the key range is 0 to 256. Key size may be varying, depending upon the applications and the cryptographic algorithm being used, it can be 40 bits, 56 bits, 128 bits & so on. In order to protect the cipher-text against the brute-force attack, the key-size should be such that the attacker can not crack it within a specified amount of time.
• From a practical viewpoint, a 40-bit key takes about 3 hours to crack, however a 41-bit key would take 6 hours and 42-bit key would take 12 hours & so on. This means every additional bit doubles the amount of time required to crack the key. We can assume that 128 bit key is quite safe, considering the capabilities of today’s computers. However as the computing power and techniques improve, these numbers will change in future.


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