State Management is a technique in to preserve state of a control or a page in, as web pages are stateless by default.

In Asp.Net there are 2 types of state management techniques

  1. Client Side
    1. Hidden field
    2. View State
    3. Control State
    4. Cookies
    5. Query String
  2. Server Side
    1. Session
    2. Application

These types are further classified in levels.

  • Control Level : Automatic state management.
  • Variable or member : Stateless by default need to maintain state using any of the above techniques.
  • Single or Multi Page Level : Explicitly needs to be managed.
  • User Level : It is maintained at user level, until user is active.
  • Application Level : Applicable for entire application, i.e. available to all users.
  • A2A Level i.e. Application to Application Level : Management between 2 different application.


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