• Microsoft. Net Framework is a platform built my Microsoft in order to build Desktop Applications, Website, Mobile Applications and many more.
  • It has 2 major components Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Framework Class Library (FCL)
  • FCL’s provide a library of tested code that can be reused, which allows developers to reduce coding effort.
  • Following are the features
    1. Memory Management : .NET has a very good feature where the memory allocation and reallocation is  automated. It also handles objects as well. These services are provided by CLR which is automated by Garbage Collector
    2. Common Type System : All the basic types are defined by .NET Framework where as in traditional programming languages compiler does the work.
    3. Framework Class Library :
      1. It has classes, library interfaces that provides reuse-able code.
      2. It also provides built in controls and components.
      3. The .NET framework works on namespaces and categories are listed by usage.
      4. Most used used namespace appears first.
    4. Development framework and technologies : The .NET Framework includes libraries for specific areas of application development, such as ASP.NET for web applications, ADO.NET for data access, and Windows Communication Foundation for service-oriented applications.
    5. Language interoperability :
      1. Microsoft .NET Framework targeted compilers generate code which is named CIL i.e. Common Intermediate Language.
      2. Now this code is recompiled in Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) by Common Language Runtime (CLR).
      3. This give flexibility to developers to program applications in their own language.
    6. Version compatibility : Applications with different versions can run without any modifications.
    7. Side by Side Execution :
      1. Multiple versions of CLR are allowed to run by .NET Framework on the same machine.
      2. This also multiple versions of same application to run on the same system without any conflict.
      3. Lower and New Version can run simultaneously.
    8. Multi-targeting : With .Net Framework Class Library you can work on create assemblies that can work on various .NET Platform such as Windows 7, Mobile Applications, Single Page Applications, XBOX 360, Windows Phone etc.



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