.Net provides two type of code environment i.e.

  1. Managed Code
  2. Un-managed Code

Managed Code

  1. Managed Code is the code which is written as per the application domain.
  2. The code written in the domain are faster.
  3. The code following the rules of .Net Framework are termed as Managed Code
  4. The code in managed environment are directly executed by CLR (Common Language Runtime).

Un-managed Code

  1. Code which is written in outside the .NET Framework is known as un-managed code.
  2. Code which does not follow CLR (Common Language Runtime) such as written in C++ are determined under un-managed code.
  3. Code written in VB, ASP & COM are examples of the same.
  4. Un-managed code can be unmanaged source code or unmanaged compile code.
  5. These code are executed with wrapper classes.


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