Server Side state management is another technique of maintaining state of webpages. Another alternative is client side state management.

Server Side State Management has 2 options

  • Session

    • One of the most strongest technique to store information
    • Generally used for storing user information such as username or user identity
    • It does with maintaining a session id and sends it with each request and response to the same user.

Syntax :

Session[“variablename”] = Convert.ToInt32(Session[“variable”]) + 1;//Set Value to The Session Label2.Text = Session[“variablename”].ToString(); //Get Value from the Sesion

  • Application

    • It is another type of server side state management technique.
    • The data stored in the application is common for all the users for the application.
    • It is also referred as application level state management.
    • It is recommended to store small amount of data.


Application[“variablename”] = Convert.ToInt32(Application[“variablename”]) + 1; //Set Value to The Application Object Label1.Text = Application[“variablename”].ToString(); //Get Value from the Application Object






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