1. RAID provides data protection solutions for Linux storage as it provide a reliable, redundant means of protecting vital data on the system.
  2. Is aims to improve disk performance and provide data redundancy.
  3. Through RAID information is spread among various physical hard drives using technique such as : disk striping and disk mirroring to achieve redundancy, lower latency and higher bandwidth for reading or writing, and recover ability from hard-disk crashes.
  4. There are two types of RAID
    • Software based
      • It offer the cheapest possible solution that abstracts multiple devices and provide a single virtual device.
      • Its performance depends on server CPU and load.
    • Hardware based
      • This manage RAID subsystem and present to host only .
      • Most dedicated server use hardware based RAID.
  5. There are six RAID levels that can be used.
  • RAID-0 :- It is most efficient array type which result in higer data throughput but offers no fault tolerance. It requires at least 2 disks and uses method call stripping that write across both drives.
  • RAID-1 :- It provide redundancy, faster performance no data loss and fault tolerance. It requires at least 2 disks and uses method called mirroring that write data in both drives. Each drive is exact mirror of other drive and can be used if either drive fails.
  • RAID-2 :- It uses hamming error correction codes which facilitates drive which do not have built in error detection. Now days this is not in much use.
  • RAID-3 :- It does not allow multiple I/O operations to run simultaneously. It is used in single user environment.
  • RAID-4 :- it does not support multiple simultaneous operations. It strips data across block level across several drives. It have very good reading speed but slow writing speed.
  • RAID-5 :- It used in multi-user environments. It required at least 3 to 5 disks. It can write faster but reading speed is slower.


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