Functions of Controller of Certifying Authorities

The role of Certifying Authorities is very crucial in maintaining the security and integrity of Digital Signature Certificate. Hence the Central Government can appoint the Controller of Certifying Authorities.

Also, read the most important question in cyber law i.e. Chapter 3 of IT Act, 2000 e-governance Unit – 6

The Controller may perform all or any of the following function:

  • Supervises the activities of Certifying Authorities.
  • Certifies public keys of the Certifying Authorities.
  • Drafts the standards to be maintained by Certifying Authorities.
  • Specifies the qualifications and experience of employees of the Certifying Authorities.
  • Specifies the conditions under which the Certifying Authority shall conduct their business;
  • Specifies the contents of written, printed or visual materials and advertisements that may be distributed or used in a Digital Signature Certificate and the public key;
  • Specifies the format and content of a Digital Signature Certificate and the key;
  • Specifies the format in which Certifying Authorities shall maintain the accounts.
  • Specifies the terms and conditions for the appointment of the auditors and their remuneration.
  • Helps the Certifying Authorities in establishing any electronic system and regulation of such system.
  • Specifies the manner in which the Certifying Authorities shall deal with the subscribers.
  • Resolves any conflict that arises between the Certifying Authorities and the subscribers;
  • Lays down the duties of the Certifying Authorities;
  • Maintains a database containing the disclosure record of ever Certifying Authority.
  • Maintains the database of public keys in a manner that it is available to the public.
  • Issues the license to issue the Digital Signature Certificate.
  • Can suspend the license if he is not satisfied with the validity of the applicant.



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