Patent Application and its contents:

The word patent application is also used to refer to the process of applying for a patent, or to the patent specification itself.

The complete specification has following elements:

  • Title of Invention
    • The title section should clearly and precisely mention the invention. It should be meaningful as well. The title should be precise but should also describe the invention completely and accurately.
    • e.g. Title: Charger
    • Abstract Title: Charger for charging small electronic device having a manually operated wind up charging facility.
  • Field of Invention
    • It should describe the scope of invention and subject matter of the invention. It must be very clearly described so that examiner can easily understand and classify it.
  • Background
    • It basically describes the technical history, works that have taken place in the past related to the invention or technology. This basically describes “ the state of the art” of the invention. It states the problems that were there before the invention.
  • Object of invention
    • This section describes the advantages of the invention.It describes the solution that the invention provides to the existing problems or some modification.
  • Statement of the invention
    • It describes the unique features of the invention. It actually gives the comparative study of the invention with the existing technology.
  • Summary of Invention
    •         This section contains the detailed description of the invention in terms of objective, purpose, solution provided etc.
  • Brief description of drawings
    •         This section describes the drawings used in the application. The drawings are related to patent or the process to be patented. The details should be enough for a person to understand the drawings.
  • Description of invention
    •        This section includes the detailed description of the invention. In short, it provides a complete know –how of the invention or inventive technology.
  • Claims
    •         Claims are the critical section of any patent application. The claim section defines the invention that the inventor claims to his work of the mind. This section should be drafted very carefully as this forms the basis for granting rights and this section is used for proving infringement. The words should be chosen very carefully while writing this section.
  • Drawing / diagram / flowchart
    • This section contains the graphical view of the invention.
  • Abstract
    • This can be said as the concise summary of the invention. This should enable the reader to understand the invention even without referring to the details.


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