Software testing is a term coined in favor of testing a product with respect to software’s, websites, mobile applications and any automated technology which makes work easy.It is a saying that what ever you do, you need to recheck it. For example if you write an essay you need to proof read it.Same way when you are building something in terms of software you need to to test to find if there are any flaws or defects in it which may cause errors and lead to expensive correction of the mistakes.Testing is nothing but we are checking whether everything is OK, in terms of what we wanted to create.

We should always check what we do as it is said that “We are humans and we are bound to make mistake.”

Essentials of Testing

  1. We should always assume that our work can contain mistakes.
  2. Mistakes can come from bad assumptions and blind spots.
  3. It is better that someone else checks our work and as we might make same mistakes in checking our work.
  4. If the developer of the system checks the work he will fail to highlight the flaws in his work.
  5. Another person is more likely to detect our flaws.
  6. Most important in Testing is, it is not a post development activity. Testing should start as the development starts.


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