As 4Cs determine the quality of a diamond 7Cs determine the effectiveness of any communication whether oral or effective communication helps in achieving its goal successfully.In day-to-day life conflicts,disputes and misunderstanding arise due to miscommunication.the elements of miscommunication can be avoided if we include those 7Cs in our communication.

Following are the 7Cs of Effective Communication :

Completeness: The communication must be complete i.e it should leave any unanswered question in the mind of its audience.a complete communication answers all Ws and One H  i.e. Who,Where,When,What and How

Eg. ” I didn’t receive any response for the application I sent.”

the above statement doesn’t specify which application.

Revised :

” I sent an application (dated 6th July 2016) for the post of a doctor in your hospital. I have not received any response for the said application.”

Conciseness :  Communication must not be very long. Lengthy communication normally receive a negative response from the user.But completeness should not be compromised for the want of conciseness.Conciseness can be achieved by avoiding repetition and unnecessary details.Write should try to find single word instead of bunch of words.

eg. “In view of the fact that it was raining down, orders were given that the game be cancelled.”

Revised—“The game was cancelled due to heavy rain.”

Consideration: Consideration means preparing communication keeping the audience in the mind, i.e. cultural ,social educational background of the audience.

Consideration can be achieved by following means:

Emphasize on ‘You’ element.

Show the positive side of the message.

Emphasize on what the audience can gain out of it.

eg: ” we are happy to announce that we have extended our working hours and now you can do your transaction even after 4 p.m.”

Revised –“You can do your transaction even after 4 p.m., with our extended working hours.”

Clarity : The communication should clearly define its objective and no should not confuse the reader.

Golden rules to achieve this are:

Use familiar words.

Avoid use of jargon.

Use simple to understand language and not complex form of the language.

Choose precise words.

The statement should have only one main idea.

Cohesion of words should be there.

Courtesy: Courtesy means kindness in communication whether oral or written.It brings goodwill and helps in achieving goal. It can be achieved by using polite words and showing respect for the audience. The magic words ” thank you “, ” Please” should be used.

eg. ” Do this ” sounds like an order but if we say “Please, do it.” it will motivate the audience to do it.

Concreteness: Concreteness means being direct and clear. It brings confidence and helps the communicator to convince its audience.It can be brought by the use of factual data, clear words, active voice instead of passive voice.

” Interest rate on Home loans has reduced marginally.” ( Marginally can be interpreted by different user in different way.)

Revised— ” Interest rate on Home Loans has been reduced by 12%.”

Correctness: It means grammatically as well as factually correct. If communication is correct it will never be misunderstood by anyone.

eg  Lets eat mom.

Lets eat, mom.

Both the sentences are correct but the second one indicate the  correct meaning.

Proper and appropriate use of punctuation brings correctness to the communication.

The facts presented in the information should be correct or true.


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