Unit 1

What do you mean by Communication?Discuss its importance in Business.

What is two way communication?Discuss  in detail.

Discuss various elements of communication process.

Discuss ways to improve the communication skill.

What is feed back? Discuss its role in communication.

“In absence of feedback communication is incomplete.” Discuss

State the factors that influence human ability to communicate effectively.

Explain “message” in communication process.

Discuss various  technologies used in business communication.

What are the 7Cs of effective communication? Discuss  any two of them.

“Communication should be concise but not at the cost of completeness. ” Discuss.

What is the importance of nonverbal communication? Justify your answer with example.

Non verbal communication is more important than verbal communication . Discuss

Unit 2

Discuss briefly the structured elements of a business letter.

What do you mean by a business letter? Discuss Semi modified block format.

What is a business report? Discuss its types.

Discuss the format of a business  report.

What do you mean by closed and open punctuation?

What are the various steps  of drafting a business letter?

What do you mean by Business proposal. Discuss a general format for it.

Discuss ways to make a business proposal effective.

What is a resume? Discuss its various formats.

Draft a resume for yourself.

“A resume is a Sales letter”. Discuss

Suggest ways to make a resume effective.

What is an interview? List down its various types.

What is a  job interview? Discuss strategies for cracking a job interview.

What is public speaking? Suggest ways to make it powerful.

What do you mean by Conversation? Discuss its relevance in Business.

Suggest ways to improve conversational skills.

Unit 3

What is a meeting?Discuss its types.

What is an agenda of a meeting?  Discuss its importance in making a meeting successful.

What do you mean by conference? Discuss its importance.

Discuss various types of conferences.

What is a conference ? How is it different from a meeting?

“Group  discussion is an effective tool for screening a suitable candidate. ”Discuss.

What are the skills that a candidate should possess to clear Group Discussion.

Discuss briefly team presentation.

What is Team briefing? Who initiates such kinds of briefing?

“Team briefings are a vital part of today’s business process .”Discuss.

Discuss various channels of communication in an organization.

Discuss importance of communication in an organization.

What are the functions of communication in an organisation?

What do you mean by organizational communication? Discuss ways to improve it.

Unit 4

What do you mean by corporate communication?

What are the functions of corporate  communication department.

What is public communication? Why is it known as backbone of any organization?

Discuss ways to improve corporate communication.

What is persuasive communication? Discuss strategies  to draft persuasive message.

Discuss Star-Hook Model .

Discuss AIDA model for drafting persuasive message.

Discuss Business Ethics.

Discuss role of  Ethics in business.

Discuss CSR( Corporate Social Responsibility).

How do Audio/Visual aid help in business communication?

Discuss types of visual aids used in business communication.

Unit  5

What is brainstorming? How is  it helpful in taking decision.

Discuss brainstorming technique.

Discuss ways to develop brain storming techniques.

What is a mind map? How does it help in making a subject easy to understand?

What is a concept map? Discuss its importance in learning.

Are concept map and mind maps the same thing? Give valid arguments in favour of  your answer.

What is chunking theory? Discuss in brief.

Discuss techniques to make a presentation effective.

Discuss the importance of planning process in preparing a presentation.

Discuss the role of practice in delivering an effective presentation.


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