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We Are Hiring !!!!

What you will do as Graphic Designer?

  1. Make Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram Cover and Post Artwork
  2. Artwork requested by the team to be submitted.

Candidate Requirements

  1. Should be creative with good typography and color knowledge.
  2. Need to understand the way we work and develop artwork as required.
  3. Adhering to deadlines as given by the team.
  4. Will create artwork for all social profiles. (Payment of Main artwork will be done. As only image size needs to be maintained).

Type of Work and Payment Mode

  1. Freelancing
  2. Payment will be made by NEFT only /-
  3. Payment will be made on 10th of every month
  4. Payment of Rs. 300 /- Per approve artwork will be made.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Designer needs to send all photoshop and corel draw files, fonts and any other third party tools used for creation with final artwork.
  2. Image should be non plagarised means should not be picked up from google, shutter stock, canva etc.
  3. Needs to update the Worksheet which will be shared on Google Drive.

What will you do as a Content Writer ?

  1. Write answers for subjects mentioned in the subject section.
  2. Answers should be in Bullet points format.
  3. Diagrams and Illustrations need to be supplied if answer demands.
  4. Minimum 4 Answers per week and maximum 10 answers per week.
  5. Answers should be 100 % unique. No plagiarism is allowed. (Use Plagiarism Checker for the same)

Candidate Requirements

  1. Should be aware of bscit curriculums of mumbai university.
  2. Need to understand that the resource will be studied and used by students, so need to write in a very precise manner.
  3. Adhering to deadlines as given by the team.
  4. If the background of candidate is of lecturer, it is more preferable.
  5. Candidates needs to research before posting. Should not post same answer which is already available on the portal.

Subjects we are looking for :

    1. Imperative Programming.
    2. Digital Electronics.
    3. Operating Systems.
    4. Discrete Mathematics.
    5. Communication Skills.
    1. Object oriented Programming.
    2. Microprocessor Architecture.
    3. Web Programming.
    4. Numerical and Statistical Methods.
    5. Green Computing.
    1. Logic and Discrete Mathematics.
    2. Computer Graphics.
    3. Advanced SQL.
    4. Object Oriented Programming with C++.
    5. Modern Operating Systems .
    1. Software Engineering.
    2. Multimedia.
    3. Java and Data Structures.
    4. Quantitative Techniques.
    5. Embedded Systems.
    1. Network Security.
    2. Software Testing.
    3. Advanced Java.
    4. Linux Administration.
    1. Internet Technology
    2. Project Management
    3. Data Warehousing
    4. IPR and Cyber Laws
    5. Digital Signal And Systems
    6. Geographic Information Systems

Selection Criteria

  1. Candidate Needs to mail the resume to [email protected] or [email protected]
  2. In the mail candidates needs to maintain the preferred subjects he wishes to write for.
  3. A sample answer needs to be submitted with the resume.
  4. Our Review team will check the answer quality and revert you back with the final status.
  5. If you get selected you will be added to a whatsapp group for easy communication.

Payment and terms and conidtions

  1. Rs. 30 /- Per  approved answer.
  2. Payment will be made by NEFT only.
  3. Payment will be made on 10th of every month.


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